I often get the same questions when talking to prospective clients and other photographers. If you have questions about my work, equipment, or what to expect during your session, you can find some of the answers here.

What should I wear?
(1) Wear something that fits you well. Clothes that are too tight OR too loose will both lose your shape and be less flattering.

(2) Structure is your friend. If you’re planning on wearing something with a looser shape, consider adding a belt to cinch your waist or balance it with form fitting pants.

(3) If your session is going to be outdoors, solids usually work better than patterns; if you are going to wear a pattern, go subtle! And stay away from any tops with writing or distracting logos.

(4) It’s totally fine to be trendy, but I suggest keeping it to one trendy piece and going classic with the rest of your outfit. You don’t want your photos to be outdated too quickly.

(5) If you can’t decide between your favorite two shirts, just bring them both! Most of my photo packages come with multiple clothing changes for this reason.

Where will we take the photos?
Living in Colorado means being around beautiful scenery and incredible views. This is why I shoot outdoors whenever possible. These are YOUR photos, so whatever the location, it needs to mean something to YOU.

How will you make my photos unique?
My mission is to capture each individual personality; so the more I get to know you before the day of the shoot, the better your photos will turn out. Feel free to add me on Facebook and we can chat or we can talk over a cup of coffee. I love meeting new people and the more comfortable you are, the better experience you will have.

I do not live in the Colorado Springs area. Will you travel to shoot my photos?
YES! While I’m primarily a Colorado Springs photographer, I love to explore new places. Please contact me for details!

Do you have any tips for beginning photographers?
(1) Use as much natural lighting as possible. Overcast is the ideal situation for portraits (so you don’t have to worry about distracting shadows). My favorite time to shoot is right before the sun sets during the golden hour.

(2) The best way to grow as a photographer is practice, practice, practice. Reading photo blogs and magazines is a great place to learn the basics, but you can’t get better without a lot of trial and error. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes.

(3) You find the best locations when you get out and explore. So get out from behind that screen and go for a walk!

(4) Shadow a photographer that you admire. Even now and then I like to second shoot to get a fresh perspective and pick up new ideas from fellow photographers. I am always looking for second shooters, so if you are interested in learning from me, just send a message my way!

Have another question not answered here? Send me a message, and I’ll get back to you!